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    Prime wash experts our professional and assure you for best service in any field. If you are worried about bumper and side strips dullness don’t worry we are here to provide your car bumper and side strips polishing service.

    We assure you for Mirror Finish Polishing. Our professional trained enough to Polish any Bumper you might have whether it is Aluminium, Steel or any other meta or other car exterior polish Our team will make sure vehicle bumper clean and shiny.

    Prime wash Turnaround times for polishing a Bumper is fairly quick.

    Car bumper and side strips polishing service car exterior plastic polish vehicle bumper clean and shiny

    When you send your vehicle Bumper clean and shiny look we help you with best Polishing Service. You can either send it in bare that would be appreciated, or you can leave it all together and we will take care of everything for you.

    We will take care of Car bumper and side strips polishing service. We use two different machines for polishing, both of which were custom-made for the job. We take of Car exterior plastic polish also.

    Special semi-automatic polisher used by our experts for the body of the bumper and a polish machine use for the ends and corners. Both machines hold the sisal wheel while a Prime shine wash expert holds and moves the bumper against it until all the scratches are gone.

    After completion of phase one our experts buff the finish to get the final shine. Buffing with prime shine is really just another polishing process, but one that’s softer and removes less metal. We buff with a yellow polish buffing wheel and a green polishing compound, again moving the bumper around against the wheel until we achieve a mirror finish.

    For better Car bumper and side strips polishing services for a glossy shine look you can contact us freely.

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