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    We at prime wash really make you feel better for car excessive dirt cleaning services. It all start with the tyres and our operators finds the best to start with the tyres and have it cleaned before moving up to the body.

    Our team Make sure you work on cold tyres, as it will dry up the water and soap faster. Spray water on the wheels using a hose pipe, to remove the dirt and grime off the car.

    Experts at prime wash make sure clean the treads and remove any wanted stones, nails or glass pieces stuck in the tyre that could lead to a puncture later.

    For alloy wheels, we use the sponge to clean the spokes, so that we don not end up damaging the paint of the spokes by using a brush and if your car have steel rims, remove the wheel cap and clean it separately with a sponge.

    Car exterior excessive dirt cleaning service vehicle Extra dust removing
    Car red dust removal service vehicle cleaning red dust exterior

    While cleaning Vehicle extra dust removing from the exterior of your car, we recommend top to down approach. Our experts prefer starting from the roof, windshields, hood, trunk and lastly the sides while you avail our car exterior excessive dirt cleaning service.

    Make sure you use new water for the car exteriors, since the tyre clean up would have made the water extremely dirty. Prime wash operators start with hosing your car with water. We make sure for gentle and avoid too much of pressure that may results scratching the paint.

    We use special cleaners If you have any tough stains like bird droppings, or concentrated car shampoo on that specific location and remove the stain. Tp move to the sides of the car.

    We pay Give special attention towards the lower side of the car as most of the dirt will still be stuck in these areas. You may have to apply some pressure to remove the dirt. Look under the doors, front and rear bumpers, under the wheel arches. We put every possible effort while vehicle extra dust removing.

    When surface of your car is dry, Prime wash operators use a clean dry cloth to wipe the surface throughout the car. In the end our experts clean the door sides, door jamb, behind the fuel filler lid, trunk lid and the scuff plates to make it ready for special coat of wax or polish.

    The whole process will take you a maximum of 1.5 hours and will restore the everlasting shine on your car. When your car shines in the end looking as good as new, will show you feel nice job done by us. Car exterior excessive dirt cleaning services with us make you feel relax for car lovers.

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