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    Prime shine washing technique basically remove top layer of dirt sits on top of the outer coating of wax you applied during your last visit. Over time dirt and particle of rail dust and other nasty stuff gets embedded deeper in your paint, or more accurately the clear coat. We provide vehicle paint cleansing service to give it shiner look as ever.

    Prime wash use modern paints are a thin base layer of color and a topcoat of thicker clear coat which adds the shine to the finish. This top clear coat is actually what our experts will be cleaning, and takes the most abuse. Once you have your car as clean as possible, it’s time to start really cleaning your paint.

    The most aggressive method of removing contaminants and swirl marks from your paint is compounding. Compound was really designed for older single stage paints where a deeper cutting action was needed to level out orange peel and get a good base surface to begin polishing.

    Vehicle paint cleansing service car exterior clay bar vehicle excess dirt and grime restoration

    Another way of removing contaminates and smoothing the surface is car exterior clay bar that will literally lift the dirt out of the clear coat layer.

    Our operators use best clay bar kits purchased from auto parts stores, which include a lubricant must be used to keep things gliding smoothly across the surface of your paint. In short we help in vehicle excess dirt and grime restoration. Pamper your car just like you kid and retain its original shine and value.

    We are pocket friendly and you can avail our Vehicle paint cleansing services at reasonable rates. Bookings are open.

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